Loob-Bunga High School ( Resettlement High School ) is on its 29th year of existence. It Has been established to cater the educational services to almost thirteen (13) lahar-buried barangays in the eastern part of Botolan in 1991. It started its operation with five teachers funded by the Mount Pinatubo Commission (MPC) handling almost a hundred First and Second Year students until its final completion of First to Fourth Year Level/Curriculum Year Level in School Year 1994-1995. A year later, it was absorbed and funded by the national government using the National Housing Authority (NHA) building within the resettlement. It was managed by a national funded school head-Mr. Castor M. Feria, an officer-in-charge and eight contractual teachers. At present, despite its humble beginning and curtailed physical facilities, Loob-Bunga High School, with its fourteen (26) regular permanent teachers and a Head Teachers as an officer-incharge, the school is continuously giving a sound, caring and competitive, values-oriented and practical secondary education to a fast-growing number of student-populace within the resettlement and the neighbouring communities.